What is bufferbloat?

If your router sends too much data to your modem, your modem will “buffer” that data. The buffered data is now quite literally waiting in your modem until it can send it.

Why do I care?

This wait period can be remarkably substantial and sporadic.

If you are affected by bufferbloat, you will have perceivable spikes in lag.

Bufferbloat Diagram

Note: Even if you have an “all-in-one” modem/router you can still have bufferbloat.

Okay, do I have bufferbloat?

DSLReports and SourceForge have speed tests which also test bufferbloat.

If you are graded an A+ or A your bufferblow is quite low and can probably stop reading this.

My score is low. How do I fix it?

On your router’s administration page, look for QoS or check if your router supports QoS.

I have QoS

Great. Talk to me. [Section in progress…]

I don’t have QoS

You need a router that has QoS. I suggest one with DD-WRT.

I’m stuck.

Talk to me.